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at the crucial moment, I pulled his cock from my mouth and aimed it at my perfectly shaped tits and teased the end until it erupted all over my tits!! Cheers Mr A – the pleasure was all mine πŸ™‚ Rach xx Got back recently from my Cornwall leg of my fabulous summer tour – and I drained those janners DRY!Visited all the major town’s in Cornwall – Newquay, Penzance, Truro, St Austell, Bodmin and everywhere in between and met with 26 very horny members!Butter commercials on cover and we thankful to sites looking for people write.You'd you'll find someone dating ladyboys sites at his high.As a self made business professional, my focus is helping my clients, associates and friends, build, strengthen and maintain their success.It would be fair to say I am in the full time business of building relationships and feel my purpose and skill is connecting the right people with the right people.– congratulations, well done, proud of someone Good as gold – feeling good, not a problem, yes Greasies – fish and chips Gumboots or gummies – rubber boots, wellingtons Handle – pint of beer Happy as larry – very happy Hard case – amusing, funny person Hard yakka – hard work Hollywood – to fake or exaggerate an injury on the sportsfield Home and hosed – safe, successfully finished, completed, Hoon – Young adult driving fast Hosing down – heavy rain, raining heavily Hottie – hot water bottle How’s it going mate?– kiwi greeting Iceblock – popsicle, Ice Stick Jandal – thongs, sandals,flip-flops, Judder bar – speed bump Jumper – sweater, jersey Kiwi – New Zealander Kiwifruit – Brown furry skinned fruit, Zespri, Chinese Gooseberry Kick the bucket – die Knackered – exhausted, tired, lethargic Knuckle sandwhich – a fist in the teeth, punch in the mouth Laughing gear – mouth, as in wrap your laughing gear around this, L&P – Fizzy soda water Lift – elevator Lolly – candy Loo – bathroom, toilet Long drop – outdoor toilet, hole in ground Lurgy – flu Mad as a meat axe – very angry or crazy Main – primary dish of a meal Maori – indigenous people of New Zealand Mate – buddy Motorway – freeway Naff off – go away, get lost, leave me alone Nana – grandmother, grandma Nappy – diaper North Cape to the Bluff – from one end of New Zealand to the other OE – Overseas Experience, many students go on their OE after finishing university, see the world Offsider – an assistant, someones friend, as in β€œwe saw him and his offsider going down the road” Old bomb – old car Oldies – parents On the never never – paying for something using layby, not paying straight away Open slather – a free-for-all Pack a sad – bad mood, morose, ill-humoured, broken , as in β€œshe packed a sad” Pakeha – non-Maori person Panel beater – auto repair shop, panel shop Pav – pavlova, dessert usually topped with kiwifruit and cream Perve – to stare Petrol – gasoline, gas Piece-of-piss – easy, not hard to do, as in β€œdidn’t take me long to do, it was a piece of piss” Pikelet – small pancake usually had with jam and whipped cream Piker – someone who gives up easy, slacker Pinky – little finger Piss around – waste time, muck around Pisshead – someone who drinks a lot of alcohol, heavy drinker Piss up – party, social gathering, excuse for drinking alcohol Pissed off – annoyed, angry, upset Plonk – cheap liquor, cheap wine Pong – bad smell, stink Postal code – zip code Pram – baby stroller, baby pushchair Pressie – present Pub – bar or hotel that serves liquor Pudding – dessert Pushing up daisies – dead and buried Quack – Medical doctor Randy – horny, wanting sex Rark up – telling somebody off Rattle your dags – hurry up, get moving Rellies – relatives, family Root – have sex, get sex Ropeable – very angry Ring – to telephone somebody, as in β€œI’ll give you a ring” Rubbish – garbage, trash Rust bucket – decrepit motor car Scarce as hens teeth – very scarce, rare Scarfie – university student Scull – consume, drink quickly Scroggin – trampers high energy food including dried fruits, chocolate Serviette – paper napkin Shandy – drink made with lemonade and beer Shark and taties – fish and chips Sheila – slang for woman/female Shit a brick – exclamation of surprise or annoyance Shoot through – to leave suddenly Shout – to treat, to buy something for someone, as in β€œlunch is my shout” Sickie – to take a day off work or school because you are sick Skite – to boast, boasting, bragging Snarler – sausage Sook – cry baby, wimp Sparkie – electrician Sparrow fart – very early in the morning, sunrise Sprog – child Spud – potato Squiz – take a quick look Steinie – bottle of Steinlager, brand lager Strapped for cash – low on cash, no money Stubby – small glass bottle of beer Sunday driver – someone who drives very slow Sunnies – sunglasses Ta – thanks Take-aways – food to be taken away and eaten, fast food outlet Tea – evening meal, dinner Tights – pantyhose Tiki tour – scenic tour, take the long route Togs – swimsuit, bathing costume Torch – flashlight Tramping – hiking Twink – white-out Up the duff – pregnant Ute – small pickup truck Veges – vegetables Wally – clown, silly person Whinge – complain, moan Wobbly – to have a tantrum Wop-wops – situated off the beaten track, out of the way location Yack – to have a conversation with a friend, to talk Like most people, I have many passions, goals and dreams.

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This article was first published in the July 2012 issue of When we think of Tudor England, we don’t immediately imagine black Africans being part of that society.

Yet there were Africans here at that time, and they were considered numerous enough in Tudor towns and cities to inspire the phrases β€œto manie” and β€œgreat numbers” in two letters signed by Elizabeth I in July 1596.

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New Zealand slang has developed over time from such a diverse mixture of backgrounds that it is sometimes difficult to establish exactly what phrases and slang words are originally from New Zealand!

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