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Feb 2010: If you're a long time user of Microsoft Money for personal finances, you were dumped in late 2009, when the mighty Microsoft decided to end the Money product cycle. Apparently, Microsoft didn't see itself competing with the new online money management sites, and didn't see financial management software as a core business.

You don't need to understand the scripts or how it works to use the package, with one considerable exception.It also handles pounds to pence price conversions for you UK users.It can be run throughout the day, knows when to add vs.Must admit I am now starting to get with what seems to be the majority here. The update transactions from ANZ also do not work, this has been a problem for over a week now.Cant update my trades (although until today the share prices updated ok) so I have to manually record my trades into quicken which is very time consuming. Hi everyone, Our team have identified the cause of this issue and have proceeded toward working on the fix.

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