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I honestly don't understand why people leave their mics on when they're not talking.All you hear is the bullshit in the background and the occasional super loud noises, like a baby crying or a sneeze.Like stickers, images, background, fonts, voice messages etc.

Either you want to send messages to your friends or call your mother back home. You can find all these features here in the list of 50 Best Free Calling and Chatting Android Apps 2016.DEV"S not having this as an option immediately when introduced is just plain being lazy on your end of things!you going to have voice chat than controls for it is a NESSESSITY! Is HIREZ trying to force it's playerbase to play overwatch?!! You can get rid of these easily by downloading any of the app from below.The best thing about the calling and chatting apps is that you can make your talks even more fun with many exciting stuffs.

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I tried using the patcher but I think I can't run it properly because it reads "can't find Hipatchservice", does anyone knows what can I do to solve this, or should I just reinstall the entire thing?

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