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Deezy’, Shane’s mom, the superhuman ‘Switch’, ‘Aunt Hilda’ and other impersonations.

He has three channels, Shane Dawson TV, Shane Dawson TV2 and Shane, his vlogging site, which he seldom uses.

As Lisa said, for her it was a love at first sight, and she says that it was for Shane too, even though he never says so, and usually makes some kind of weird joke.

Shane announced that they were together, and that he loves her, in a video in which he says “She is his superluv(implying to Shane’s first original song)”.

Uckey Lee Staff Writer Every era has a new “thing” that’s specific for it.He had mentioned his recording and producing of the song in previous 'vlogs' and the song had leaked online March 30, 2012.The song was officially released on i Tunes on March 31st worldwide, and became #1 on the i Tunes Top 100 Chart.The scene then cuts to a high school hallway, and older Brenda (Bree Essrig) is being dragged by her boyfriend in mirror to the previous scene.Shane Dawson is a sketch comedy actor and writer who stars in one of the most subscribed You Tube channels of all time.

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Jesse Wellens and Jeana(Pranksvs Prank; BFvs GF): These two made a video called “DRAW MY RELATIONSHIP”, talking about everything, from how they met to that day, and you can check it on this link: Colette Butler and Shay Carl (Shaytards): The only, current, famous married couple on Youtube.

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