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I have another DM 4, Korean, same label, Serial # 8016404, obviously same place of manufacture, but a slimmer neck profile but that was purchased from ebay some years ago.Hi I bought an used Sigma-Martin guitar from a friend becouse it sound beautiful! however the rosette on my sigma is very plain compared to yours. I think I did good trade anyway it sounds like an expesive guitar and Im sure I will keep it.Between the 1833 territorial division of Spain and 1927, Santa Cruz de Tenerife was the sole capital of the Canary Islands.In 1927 the Crown ordered that the capital of the Canary Islands be shared, as it remains at present.Bought from Music Emporium USA, Rockville, Maryland.If, as everything I've found online states, manufacture in Korea didn't begin until 1984, how did I get this guitar in 1981? I have a Sigma DM-4 (all the same specs as yours) with a serial # of 8301XXX I know for a fact mine was purchased in Dover, DE somewhere between 19.

Teide National Park, a World Heritage Site in the center of the island, has Teide, the highest elevation of Spain, the highest of the islands of the Atlantic Ocean, and the third-largest volcano in the world from its base.Hopefully yours sounds as good as mine and others that were listed in a previous thread. ) Tim __________________ ------------------------------------------- Gibson 1954 LG2 Gibson 1963 LG0 Gibson 2013 J45 Gibson 2014 J35 Gibson 2013 LG2 American Eagle Martin 1997 D1 Martin 1993 D1 Sigma early '80's SDM-18 And many more......Tom Palm Bay, FL Tom, Thanks for the link but according to it, the label that matches the guitar in question is for "Late Korean period after circa 1990" which makes it later than the info stating manufacture began in 1984. Seeing that I bought the guitar 34 years ago I no longer have a bill of sale with the date of purchase but I know when I got it.In the 80s, Takamine decide to build their own model, they provides professional standard guitars at low prices with little downgrading from its higher priced relatives.The 1977 collision of two Boeing 747 passenger jets at Tenerife North Airport, resulting in 583 deaths, remains the deadliest aviation accident in world history.

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