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I guess i am just trying to figure out how things work on this site, The more i know the more success i can probably have."I have had a good success rate with girls in real life, some that i would consider very attractive, However it seems that the expectations of girls on this site are on a whole different level, I would like to assume that a good amount of the girls that have ignored me on this site probably wouldn't if i approached them in real life."Assuming that's TRUE, (which I don't) it begs the question why would you waste ANY time being here? Settle down, one questions at a time.....you want to know how this works either read a ton of forums or go buy a self help book about online dating. Seems to me like your reply was a waste of time and provided zero contributions to the thread, I only asked 2 questions but i guess you were too busy finding something to argue about.

There are alots of guys that claim they do great in real life and meet all these fantastic girls yet seem to spend plenty of time here?? Also i had good success when i had more of a social life, Since then i have finished school and don't work in a place where i get to meet new people, That is why i am here. That means what a girl can view online, the messages a girl gets online, and the variety of guys she can choose from is significantly LARGER than say, happy hour at a local watering hole.

Send introductory email along with photo, high school and college transcripts, 3 recommendations (1 academic, 1 professional, 1 non-threatening friend-girl) plus two 750-word essays on the topics: (1) “A Man of Quality is Not Threatened By A Woman For Equality” and (2) “Why I Always Share My Feelings.” Your online profile may not look exactly like that, but for some people — and you know who you are — it sends out practically the same vibe. There’s a difference between being “picky” and “unrealistic” First, a disclaimer. After all, if your goal is marriage, we’re talking about the one person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with; being a little choosy goes a long way. “People are looking for the wrong things,” says Lori Gottlieb, author of Marry Him: The Case For Settling For Mr. Many people are willing to concede — or, at least, they know they should concede — that looks, really, are only skin deep.

According to some dating experts, there’s a “picky” pandemic: women (and men, too, but to a lesser degree) with impossible-to-meet standards who wear their massive checklists on their sleeves. Look at the tales of divorce, infidelity, domestic violence, serially crappy relationships — not to mention uncomfortable weddings where you know something’s off and it probably won’t last. Yet they still, explicitly or reflexively, rule out (for example) short men, tall women or people with weird laughs.

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Also i have noticed that many of the profiles are poorly written or very demanding, Many of them having things like "Don't even bother messaging me if..." or "I don't care if you.....".

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It just seems to me like girls on here are too choosy with the people they message back, Granted i don't send a message to every profile i see but i do send a good amount daily and the last reply i received was 2 weeks ago.

By Lynn Harris Me: otherwise easygoing SF, 29, in desirable neighborhood near excellent schools and world-class cheese market.

You: 31-36, Ivy League (except Penn), minimum 5’ 10″, maximum 180 lbs., pectoral-to-waist ratio .33; fiscal conservative/social liberal; profession: law, medicine, banking (employer must have innovative paternity leave policy); hobbies: pan-Asian cooking, helping the needy, foot rubs; civil to (but not “friends” with) ex-girlfriends (maximum: 2); informed, witty, self-starter: equally comfortable chatting at state dinners and changing tires. If so, how do you manage your expectations without selling yourself short? But people are too picky about the things that are not important — and not picky enough about the things that are.” Focus on your deal-breakers first, then re-evaluate the rest of the list So, then, how do you determine what is truly important and what isn’t?

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