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Couldn't keep away from this game forever, could we? The entire place is practically gift-wrapped in adverts and posters for the thing; they almost outnumber the blokes in singlets and flip-flops calling each other "cant." I had to go down to Melbourne for a bit, and I was faintly relieved at not seeing any there until one of the trams rolled by absolutely plastered with the logos, like it had gone at full speed through the last EB games convention. A lot of the posters I've seen consist only of the head and shoulders of one of the characters, with no attempt to sell the game or make any reference to its content; just the title underneath 'cause they figure that's all they need. The fifth Grand Theft Auto, after 1, 2, III, Vice City, San Andreas, IV, Chinatown Wars, and all the other ones; adding up not being one of Rockstar's strong points.

"Here it is", they announced, grandly throwing the sheet off the swill trough and jumping back as the pigs all thundered madly towards it. GTAIV was, of course, the game that taught the world that gritty realism and tragic character drama have their places, and that place is not the same place as the place where you can pile up all your dead prostitutes on the side of the road and then ramp off them into a big fire.

Michael, by comparison, is a very active-aggressive husband who retired from bank robbin' to spend more time screaming at his family and breaking things.

And then there's Trevor, who seems to be an attempt to represent the standard mode of behaviour of a GTA player in that he's a filthy, amoral psychotic with the innate likeability of an incontinent honey badger in a whorehouse kitchen an hour before the health department inspection.

They could easily be going for premium-priced games instead though, a mix of the two, or even premium games that include microtransactions.

In fact, it would be easier than ever to scroll around the map, issue orders, and play online with friends.I know you aspire to write stories with some complexity, Rockstar, and that players insisting on selfishly trying to have fun in your game must be very frustrating, but you kind of brought this on yourself when you decided that "[email protected]" would be a funny name for an internet café.GTAV tries to cunningly hedge its bets by constantly swapping between three different protagonists in the hope you'll like at least one of them.Additionally, this seems like a great way for Nintendo to put together a “premium” game experience, that still lends itself to microtransactions if they want to go that route.And seriously, it’s been over seven years since the last game on mobile is almost definitely not going to happen (those 3DS games move systems after all), but that doesn’t mean we won’t be getting something.

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I’m thirty, and I thought I’d play them for the rest of my life. Back to Duck Hunt though: it was fun, but it got old real quick.

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