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This will increase the performance of the operation, and can also be disabled for the user to manually use the spreadsheet without triggering recalculations.Calculations can then be manually started with the F9 key, or by other code, or setting it back to manual. This can mean that what should take a matter of 1 to 3 seconds, often takes a lot longer. Free Excel Help One drawback with recorded macros in Excel is that the code produced is often very inefficient.Please follow the below steps to execute the VBA code to save the excel file. Step 2: Press Alt F11 – This will open the VBA Editor.

As a result, of all this selecting and scrolling, the screen flickers whenever your recorded macro is played back. Screen Updating Those that are familiar with VBA code may also be aware of the term Application. Unfortunately those that really need to know about this term (those that can only record macros) are often not aware of it.

Save Copy As Filename:="E:\Groups\Hyperion\Acterna\Corp\FY2004\" & Month & "\Packs to load\Send\" & Fullnme & ".xls" Workbooks.

Range("a59") Fullnme = Entity & underscore & Hypname & Snd & underscore & dte Active Workbook.

Dim wbx As Workbook Dim wby As Workbook Dim Month As String Dim Entity Dim underscore Dim Hypname Dim Fullnme Dim Mnth Dim Year Dim Consolidation Dim Response As Integer Dim Snd Dim Flder Dim dte Dim rsp Dim ws As Worksheet Dim I As Integer Dim x As Long Dim r As Long Dim sh As Worksheet r = 1 Application. Screen Updating = False 'Change name of drop down to suit Worksheets("Data").

List Index = x 'calculates and refreshes open workbook Sheets("TITLEPAGE").

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